This is a program I made that makes music. It creates random instruments and random melodies, then makes audio with those.


To use, unzip the folder and run the program. It will read the config file in "config in" and generate an audio file in an "audio" folder.

The config file can be edited to change the kinds of music generated.

The config file placed in a "config out" folder should generate the same audio again when used as input.


MelodyMaster uses no musical scale, has no audio samples, and uses no library of melodies or chords.





MelodyMaster 0.73


- added "chorus" and "discord" parameters
- fixed a forgotten placeholder in the composition code
- more consistent volume


download link (Windows 64-bit)  ||  output example on youtube






MelodyMaster 0.72


Now with better composition and less crashing.


output example on youtube





MelodyMaster 0.71 (first release!)


output examples on youtube: one | two


This is an alpha release. The numbers in the default config file are mostly guesses, and sometimes the program will use large amounts of memory or just fail.


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