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Adventurer's Guild pt.1

Adventurer's Guild pt.2

Adventurer's Guild pt.3

Adventurer's Guild pt.4

Adventurer's Guild pt.5

Ex-Homeless pt.1

Ex-Homeless pt.2

Beginner Alchemist pt.1

Beginner Alchemist pt.2 A

Beginner Alchemist pt.2 B


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If you need something else to read, here is some online fiction that exists.


I'm also working on a fighting game project.


If you want to support my translation, I guess you can look at this stuff I recommend the next time you're buying something on Amazon. But that's more just some recommendations than a way to make money.


On the homepage, I was writing about things like suggestions for safer industrial chemicals and a program that automatically generates music, but light novel translation is both easier and more popular.



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